Vandy Vape Cotton Loops

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Rebuildable atomisers deliver large cloud production without reducing flavour. Choosing the right cotton is an integral part of delivering the highest quality vape possible. The Vandy Vape Cotton Loops provides 2.5ft (76.2cm) of high quality, durable cotton wick designed for rebuildable atomisers, includingåÊRDAs, RDTAsåÊandåÊRTAs.

Each resealable pack features approximately 76cm of organicåÊJapanese cotton wick reel, ensuring an uncompromised, clean flavour. This wick has been manufactured to handle high temperatures, ideal for high wattage vaping with a reduction on dry hits.

These cotton wicks are bleach, chemical and pesticide free, providing a clean and fresh-tasting flavour.

  • 2.5ft (76.2 cm) Of Cotton Wick Loop
  • Resealable Packet
  • Designed For Use With Rebuildable Atomisers
  • Super Absorbent
  • Intended For High Wattage Vaping
  • 100% Organic Japanese Cotton
  • Tasteless
  • Compatible With A Range Of Coils
  • Long-Lasting