Vandy Vape Cotton

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In order to achieve enhanced flavour and cloud production from your rebuildable atomiser, it's essential to choose a premium quality cotton wick. Vandy Vape Cotton consists of 5 cotton wick sheets, pre-cut to allow for an easy trimming process. These cotton wicks are designed for rebuildable atomisers, includingåÊRDAs, RDTAsåÊandåÊRTAs.

Each resealable pack features 5 x 80mm (3.14 inch) by 60mm (2.36 inch) cotton sheets, keeping them fresh for a long lasting vape experience. Boasting 100% Japanese organic cotton material, these wicks are also heat resistant for a reduced risk of dry hits, perfect for high wattage vaping.

These cotton wicks are bleach, chemical and pesticide free, providing a clean and fresh-tasting flavour.

  • Each Cotton Sheet is 8cm (3.1 inch) by 6cm (2.4 inch)
  • 5 x Pre-Cut Cotton Wick Sheets
  • Resealable Packet
  • Designed For Use With Rebuildable Atomisers
  • Super Absorbent
  • Intended For High Wattage Vaping
  • 100% Organic
  • Tasteless
  • Compatible With A Range Of Coils
  • Long-Lasting