Surreal Vapes 50ml (Dated End of April 2019)

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Surreal Vapes 50ml Shortfills (in 60ml bottle)

Black Mist- blackcurrants infused with undertones of mint

Blue Mist- Blueberries and more berries all mixed with minty menthol finish

Caramelo- Caramel at its finest, rich and delicious

Raspberry Swirl- Raspberries all mixed an an ice-cream swirl, just want u asked for a hot day

Strawberry Shake- No need to go to an American diner, this strawberry shakes hits that spot instead.

Stremonade- Freshly squeezed lemonade poured into a refreshing cold glass of ice. Small chunks of macerated strawberries bring out the true strawberry lemonade flavour. Guaranteed to be the real deal.