Peaky Vapers 50ml (Dated January 2019)

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The Peaky Blinders have diversified their range and Vape Stop Store are lucky enough to be one of their exclusive distributors.

1x 50ml Peaky Vapers E-liquid (60ml bottle with room for 10ml nicshot)

Flavours available:

Vendetta- Things have just took a bad turn and the gang have created a mixed fruit gummy thats going to take out the rivals number one best seller.

Bad blood- In a rival attempt of the vendetta a huge batch of stolen juicy Red Apples have been frozen as a back up, destined for Cider or at least thats what they say.

Cold blood- It seems that the confectionary market is booming so the young Peaky Vapers have turned their hands to this ice cold Fizzy Cherry, reminiscent to the hard boiled sweets.

Shelby Syrup- The unlicensed single malt of the vaping underworld – A closely guarded Shelby secret of sour mash Lime with a surprisingly sweet finish.

Small Heath Tonic- Specially created for the workers of Small Heath. A delicious blend of Strawberry, Raspberry and sweet Grape – A tonic to keep em going all day long!