Nasty Shisha 50ml

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It was born from History. Something new yet familiar taste from Nasty Juice. Taking Shisha to the next level this time with the release of our new Shisha Series! Grab them now, and be part of our history!

Nasty Shisha Series

4 Mouthwatering Flavours

Double Apple -åÊImagine biting a flavourful red apple. Double the bite with a hint of sour, but beautifully juicy green apple. A perfect mix proven in the history of Shisha.

Lemon Mint -åÊJuicy citrusy lemon feels, the classic sour lemonade combined with a bit of sweet cool sensation from mint. Perfect balance of mint and lemon.

Grape Raspberry -åÊRipe grapes were chosen to get the fruity and earthy taste, mixed with fresh sweet raspberry. Together they are like Libra, A perfect balance of sweet and freshness.

Green Grape -åÊCrisp and sweet flavour. The Combination of Crisp texture with a pop of sweetness made this a tasty addition to our Shisha recipes.



Capacity - 50ml (60ml Shortfill)

Nicotine - 0mg

Ratio - 70VG/30PG