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Welcome to the world of Maniac!
The hottest flavours at affordable prices!
70VG 30PG

Become a Maniac today!

Tropical -  Refreshing, mouthwatering and all day vape. The 3 most common phrases to describe this flavour.

Raspberry Lychee - Sweet ripe raspberries mixed with juicy and tasty lychees

Menthol - Wake up your taste buds with this cool and refreshing menthol flavour

SWK (Strawberry, Watermelon, Kiwi) - A tantalising combination of ripe strawberries, refreshing kiwi rounded out with watermelon to combine a fruity & refreshing vape

Red Berry - A sweet mix of red berries deliver an unexpected but pleasing blend of sweet and sour flavours

Cherry - Sweet cherry combines both green and red ripe cherries to give a beautifully smooth fruity vape

Mango - Powerful exotic mango with a refreshing sweet edge

Grape - Mouthwatering grape flavour, its easy to see why this flavour is so popular

PLS (Pineapple, Lime, Soda) - Put the lime in the soda and mix it all up, but don‰۪t forget the pineapple for that extra taste

Cookie & Cream - Fresh and warm crushed cookies blended into a cold and smooth vanilla cream

Fried Cream Cake - A soft spongy cake with a rich cream filling deep fried to perfection. A truly unique flavour for the dessert connoisseur.

Apple Pie - Flaky and sweet pastry with scrumptious fresh apples! A must try for lovers of the classic apple pie

Lemon Tart - A tongue tickling lemon curd and a sweet and fluffy meringue rounded off perfectly with a pastry finish

Choc Donut - The sweet flavour of our Chocolate Doughnut delivers a delicious vapour with a smooth chocolatey aftertaste

Blueberry - The intense flavours of ripe blueberries explode into a taste sensation leaving you wanting more

Berry Grape Menthol - Red berries and black grape come together to create a unique flavour, with aniseed & menthol leaving a lasting after taste

Hizenberg - Need we say more, the name alone tells you the flavour, hizenberg will always leave you wanting more

Mixed Fruits - A sweet blend of mouth-watering fruits. Sweet and sharp tastes mingle together to create a truly mouth-watering flavour

Pinkerton - The Pinkerton mix, fruits as its best with its sweet flavour. Warning if you vape this you'll find it hard to switch

Fruity Coolada - Fruity undertones and a cool after taste fuse together to create a lasting impression