IVG Menthol Range 50ml

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New IVG Menthol, Taste some of the most beautiful Menthol, IVG have taken the Menthol game to completely new level. If you love your menthol then you definitely need to give this a try.

6 Amazing FlavoursåÊ-åÊ

Blueberg BurståÊ-åÊis a classic combination of fruits and ice.

Cherry WaveåÊ- Taste of fruityåÊcherriesåÊalong side a huge blast ofåÊmenthol.

Kiwi KoolåÊ- Sour lemon and sweet citrus, made mellow by a cooling wave of ice-coldåÊmenthol.

Rainbow BlaståÊ-åÊRainbow BlaståÊis an outrageously-fruity mix of lush strawberries, juicy oranges and zesty lemons chilled to perfection with a shot of invigoratingåÊmenthol.

BlackbergåÊ-åÊis a fantastic berryåÊe-liquidåÊblend. Blueberries and Blackcurrant twisted with a hint ofåÊmenthol

Blueberry CrushåÊ-åÊOne of the best Blueberry Menthol E-LiquidsåÊon the market.



Capacity - 50ml (60ml Shortfill)

Nicotine - 0mg

Ratio - 70VG/30PG