Gumball 50ml

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Tastes exactly like it says on the bottle! Get a blast from your childhood with our Gumball flavour vape juice.

Gumball Series

6 Exciting Flavours

Apple Gumball -åÊA modest and refreshing blend of Apple Gumball. The delicate flavour profile of this e-liquid is not only tasty and fresh, but also smooth on the throat.

Bubblegum Gumball -åÊA classic retro bubble gum just like you used to get from the bubble gum machine.

Lemon Gumball -åÊZesty and fresh lemon flavour Gumball e-liquid.

Blackcurrant Gumball -åÊA mix of juicy blackcurrant and a bubblegum twist.

Blue Raz Gumball -åÊA super-chewy with Blueberry and Raspberry flavours combined.

Strawberry Gumball -åÊThis yummy bubble gum will remind you of hot summer days with cold creamy treats and is fused with sweet strawberry.



Capacity - 50ml (60ml Shortfill)

Nicotine - 0mg

Ratio - 70VG/30PG