Glacier Drops 50ml (Dated January 2019)

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This is an all new E-Liquid brand developed and created right here in the UK! A brilliant mix of ice cold fruity vapes, taking the Malaysian speciality to new heights. Glacier drops mixes sweet incredibly mouth watering fruity mixes with a hint of ice cold coolness giving you that refreshing summer vape


Altitude is a squeezed lemonade, infused with cherries, surrounded by a blizzard of refreshment

Ascend is a barrel of sweet apples, swirled in crushed ice. A truly sweet refreshing cool vape.

Conquest is satsuma oranges blended perfectly with ripe mangoes, crushed with ice. A truly cool, tropical sensation…

Revenant has a soft blueberry inhale with a slushed ice exhale.Making those epic journeys that more satisfying with every vape.