Danger Zone 50ml

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Warning!!! Vape with caution! This E-Liquid will blow your mind with amazing taste!

Danger Zone Shortfills (50ml) with room for Nic Shot.

Available in different flavours:

Grape: Mouthwatering grape flavour, its easy to see why this flavour is so popular.

Heizenberg: Need we say more, the name alone tells you the flavour but what is misses is this Heizenberg will always leave you wanting more

Pinkerton: The Pinkerton mix, fruits as its best with its sweet flavour. Warning if you vape this you'll find it hard to switch

Pineapple Lime Soda (PLS): Put the lime in the soda and mix it all up, but don't forget the pineapple for that extra taste.

Tropical Breeze: Refreshing, mouthwatering and all day vape. The 3 most common phrases to describe this flavour.