The Best Vaping Kits of 2018

The Best Vaping Kits of 2018

Different people have different takes on how to experience fun, hang out with friends and have pleasure. When it comes to finding The Best Vaping Kits of 2018 To many, vaping is the go-to activity in case they need to relax after a heavy day’s work or when taking breaks at work and better still it is much enjoyable amidst other people. The vaping kits come in different variety and hence influence people differently based on the size, the make, and brand, the different flavours among other things that anyone will opt to select for their pleasure. However, there are a few go-to kits that you ought not to miss in 2018.

Geek Vape Athena Squonk Kit

The Geek Vape Athena Squonk is a product of the GeekVape, it comes in one set and is quite portable, given its size. It has juice storage of 6.5 millilitres which allows you a good vape at any time. When it comes to colour; it allows for the various colour codes anyone could prefer ranging from, blue, gunmetal, black and silver. It is also flexible in coil compatibility in that it is either single or dual. Hence you have a choice to the type you want. You also need not dispose to after use as you can easily refill it and continue enjoying a quality vape. The GeekVape brand also has other types of vaping kits you could select from:


FreeMax Firelord 80W Kit

If you haven’t tried this kit, then you need to welcome 2018 in style for letting know about it. The FreeMax Firelord 80W kit has a temperature control module that supports a variety of heating, e.g., stainless steel, and titanium heating up to a range of 5 to 80 W. In addition to the amazing features, its resin body is covered with alloy frame to enhance durability, and has a juice capacity of 2mls. You also get the opportunity to enjoy it whether you are an advanced vaper or a beginner, regulating the intake with the two adjustments buttons easily visible on the kit. Not forgetting that it’s quite affordable and accessible as well.


Smok G Priv 2

The Smok G Priv 2 is an advancement of the G-PRIV and is a touch screen kit. It consists of the G-PRIV2 mod and TFV8 X-Baby tank. The integration of this two makes the kit a masterpiece and the go-to kit for 2018. It is however quite portable, as it has a slimmer body, an upgraded interface with a comfortable hand feel and quite a clear screen of higher definition. The key features in the kits are the top airflow system for which the TFV8 X-Baby tank is well known and combining the Q2 to enjoy massive vapour with a smooth airflow it sure is the complete revolution in the vaping industry.
The CoilArt Mage Mech Tricker Kit

This is the go-to vaping kit that is not only quite portable but also quite flexible. It has a self-adjusting atomizer, an adjustable airflow and a battery connection making it ideal for your travel adventures without worry about anything. The kit features the CoilArt Mage RDA and has a 24mm diameter and a height of 125 mm which makes it easy to carry around unnoticed comfortably.

Aspire breeze

It is one of the many Aspire Vapers in the market. However, this has a specific niche as it’s the most suitable vaping device for beginners. It has a 2ml inbuilt capacity of the refillable tank, and it’s an all in one system. It is aluminium alloy built, with a width of 33mm and a height of 93mm and 18 mm thick. Not forgetting the USB charging port and single button design.


Ijoy Captain PD1865 Kit (with Sub ohm tank)

IJOY Captain PD1865 uses the 18650 battery platform, it has a 225W TC chipset from IWEPAL and offers a compact chassis, a powerful chipset with full TC support, and an intuitive display. Further, it can accommodate atomizers of up to 30mm without overhang. The kit has a specially designed groove that is found just below the juice reservoir but above the coil placement. This feature facilitates heat reduction while transmitting hence avoiding heating up of the kit in case of extended use. Another special feature in the kits is a thread-less coil system for the east coil replacement. Additionally, it has a diameter of 25mm, and a 4ml capacity enjoys the smoothest airflow and the best flavours. Hence you will have all the fun you like.


REV-Tech Nitro 200w

The vape MOD goes a notch higher by allowing you increase performance whenever you need it; this is facilitated by a special button specially designed for the vape MOD. The kit is also stylishly designed, making it stand out amongst other vape kits and it is constructed using lightweight components but also incorporates a user guide to help you navigate the kit easily. It also comes with a REV Nitro Mod and a USB cable.


Sigelei Snow Wolf Vfeng Kit

Talk of having a technological advantage, the Sigelei Snow Wolf Vfeng Kit, has gone to such great lengths to incorporate science and also technology in its make. It also has discolouration SNOWWOLF logo, a 1.30 inch TFT big colour screen and a Changeable interface. And the most adorable of it a Robot structure. You will first fall in love with the structure of the MOD itself before even beginning to use it. It supports a watt range of 10-230 watts hence you can purchase it and use without the worry of incurring a loss before it even serves you satisfactorily. The kits also enjoy the support of 2pcs 18650 batteries which you purchase separately.


Innokin T18E

The size and the make of the kit are the first attraction, especially to those who like keeping it simple. However, due to its attractiveness, it’s hard for kids to resist it as well. Therefore, a child safety lock is also on offer (although it comes separately) to safeguard the wellbeing of the kids in case the kit is left within their reach. It could be a bit complex to use so attached to the kit is a comprehensive user manual to enable you to navigate the MOD easily. The kit is made of High-quality stainless steel and Pyrex glass and an organic cotton wick to deliver the delicious flavours in smooth clouds as the company goes to a great mile to enhance the quality and safety of the clients. The emissions of the Endura T18 & T18E are also tested in the lab to enhance safety, so you can just sit back and relax and enjoy all you can.


Vaporesso Tarot Nano Kit

The Tarot Nano Kit is quite attractive to the vapers in the recent years. It is among the many brands of Vapresso that are in the market. It comes in a variety of colours of your liking ranging from tulip to the dead walker, to soul fire. It’s quite affordable and easily accessible as well.


Voopoo Too Kit

The day will not be complete without the taste of the Voopoo Too kit flavours. They come in eight different styles to select from and are also quite attractive from afar not to mention quite has a UFORCE Tank, a coil head, and a glass tube. Besides, it has 6 Gasket Racing, and it comes with a USB cable, a user manual to enable you to navigate the kit easily and a warranty card. It is readily available and easily as accessible as well.

To a lot of people vaping is a hobby although if not controlled it becomes an addiction. The vaping community has just experienced a revolution in 2018 by the best brands, so make sure to get your favourite vaping kit before your friends beat you to the chase. And be sure to check out our facebook page as well!